What PayPal did for e-commerce, 2cash will expand upon to offer the world’s best transaction network where buyers and sellers can save fees plus earn on every transaction. Create a 2cash business wallet account now.

Instant Settlements

Easy Integration

Multi Currency


2cash crypto-commerce is the best alternative to cash and card payments for retail establishments. 2cash provides a more efficient processing solution plus shares a portion of every transaction from all buyers and sellers in the 2cash network. 

Secure : 100% secure digitial transactions with 2FA through a single point to point platform between the buyer and the seller.  

Global : anyone with an Internet connection can use crypto-commerce to increase sales, customers and transactions.

Private : encrypted transactions that do not include users' data.

Custom Setup : build your crypto-commerce yourself (DIY) or have 2cash provide you a turn-key solution.

Merchant Portal : business accounts include the tools to create product codes with HTML snippets or QR codes. DIY or hire 2cash to build your custom solution.

Profit Centre : earn from users and transactions when a customer create an account with your promo code.

Marketing Collaterals : signage and tent cards to display '2cash Accepted' with instructions how to create a 2cash wallet account.

Funds Availability : Withdrawals to bank, cryptocurrency, or order a debit card from 2cash to load with funds for local ATMs.




2cash built the crypto-commerce transaction network to be simple and efficient for buyers and sellers who would like an option instead of cash or card that saves fees and rewards them on every transaction.


Accept fiat currency including EUR, GBP, USD, HKD, PHP and cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, TRN, ASA. 2cash provides over 25 currencies plus will be releasing its TWO cryptocurrency in the future.

For touchless transactions download the Android and iOS 2cash mobile apps with QR pay.

If you don't want to deal with DIY, 2cash will build your crypto-commerce turn-key solution. Review the turn-key packages below.

As a crypto-commerce seller, your products and business will be promoted to the growing 2cash network driving more buyers to you! 

The 2cash wallet works with bank transfers, credit / debit cards, cryptocurrency and other providers for simple deposits and withdrawals.

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2cash works great with ...


2cash can build and manage your crypto-commerce. Simply select the package below that fits your requirements.

Lite Plan

200 €29 per month
  • Setup of one crypto-commerce page with one category.
  • Up to 20 products with HTML code snippet.
  • Monthly product edits and updates.

Pro Plan

500 €49 per month
  • Setup of three crypto-commerce pages with three categories.
  • Up to 100 products with HTML code snippet and/or QR code.
  • Monthly product edits and updates.


2000 €99 per month
  • Setup of up to 100 pages and categories.
  • Up to 5000 products with HTML code snippet and/or QR code.
  • Monthly product edits and updates.


Unlike card processors, 2cash is simple to integrate and free to use. Plus it pays business establishments when they sign up their customers to use 2cash.


To process 2cash crypto-commece transactions all you need is a WiFi Internet connection and a tablet or laptop device so your customers can visit your crypto-commerce web page to order plus pay for your products.

#1) You can set up a 2cash wallet business account for free and build your crypto-commerce in the wallet’s merchant portal. INSTANT QUALIFICATION | NO FEES

#2) 2cash crypto-commerce is a 100% digitial and secure platform that can not be hacked nor customer information stolen. It includes a full ecosystem with multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies like Euro, British Pounds, US Dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and many more.

#3) Business establishments can use a promo code for their customers to create a 2cash wallet account and earn a portion of the volume each month from the global 2cash crypto-commerce transaction processing for all users in the 2cash network.

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